Kid’s Room Inspiration Design Tips

Creativity is something of extreme importance in a child's room. It can affect the future of your kids in a way you may not even have thought possible for many years ahead. They will be affected by your choices for their room, especially when they're still young and their imagination is developing. The following design [...]

Happy Parenting Guidelines and Tips

Now we all know that parenting is a complex thing, much like balancing on top of a giant rolling ball of childish pranks and mischief, mixed together with an even larger dose of teen angst and insecurities that need to be gently nurtured until we give our children direction in life. There are many ways [...]

The Grandparent’s Best Gift

Grandparents can be in the unique position of acceptance and unconditional love when it comes to their special-needs grandchildren. This is how it was for my son and his grandmother, who was my mother-in-law. Grandmother passed away in August 2013, but not too soon to have developed a warm, accepting relationship with her grandson.  Relating to [...]

Food to Prepare for Kids Before School

I believe that well-prepared meals for children is the best way to help them focus on school. Healthy foods give a long term energy and can help our kids to be active participants in class. Breakfast This meal is the most important meal of the day, especially to kids.  Anyone can get dizzy and out of [...]

Just a simple “Thank You”.

  My name is Sarah and i am 23 years old. I am a nurse and would not change my career choice for anything else in the world. I love helping people on a daily basis and making a impact on someones life. Just the simple "Thank you" I receive from a patient or a [...]

Dads: Why can’t they hear the baby crying?   Why can't men hear the baby crying? Commute, work, baby… When it comes to coordinating a career and family life, the British are the European champions. Even though parenting roles have greatly evolved, and fathers show signs of good will, it is usually the mothers that [...]


This was an email a friend had sent to me. Funny Stuff! A bottle of Bayer's  'Heroin'. Between 1890 and 1910 heroin was sold as a non-addictive substitute for morphine. It was also used to treat children suffering with a strong cough.                   Metcalf's Coca Wine was one of [...]