5 Ways to Say I Love You This Holiday Season

Many people, tired of the commercialism that has transformed a
religious holiday into a profit and loss page turner, have elected to
express their love in other ways. Good for them! Putting the true
meaning of the holiday back into the lives of loved ones is up to each
person. Each of us knows what is dearest to the hearts of loved ones.
Giving them that dearest thing will mean more to them than all the
store-bought stuff in the world. In case there aren’t enough ideas
already, here are a few that might help.

Locate his childhood best friend and invite him and his family to
join you for the holiday. This will give them both a chance to catch
up, share some stories, and remember the good times. Remembering is
very important, but renewing old friendships and loyalties is even
more important. The bittersweet passage of time will become less so as
they learn anew what made them best friends in the first place.

Her wildest dream is to spend time in Ireland locating her family
and discovering her roots. Take her there. Do some research online,
then print out names and addresses so you’ll be prepared with an
itinerary when you arrive. Plan on holidaying in a rustic cottage or
book a room in a castle, if one is available. Give her a taste of life
from her family’s point of view, using their own trimmings and songs.
As her identity becomes clear to her, you will learn even more about
her and she’ll thank you for it.

Every kid in the world dreams of visiting the North Pole and
meeting Santa’s family. Do you have friends or family with a cabin in
the mountains? Ask if you can borrow it and there construct “the North
Pole”. The kids will be enchanted with the snow-covered mountains
which will afford them hours of play and discovery. On Christmas
morning, they will visit “the North Pole”, where all their toys and
treats will be displayed on the tables the elves use to construct
them. Pictures to take back to their friends will be important, as
well as gifts and treats for Mom and Dad. A picturesque time will be
had by all, and to all a good night!

Make it a pioneering holiday by hand-producing gifts for your loved
ones. Who else knows your family best? Produce their favorite foods
from scratch, sew the clothing they like, make their toys from scratch
and paint the decorations for the real tree yourself. They’ll be
enchanted by your efforts.

Name a star for someone you love. If you’ve lost a loved one, or
just love someone, honor them with the highest thing around. A star
named for someone won’t break or get lost. They can see the star each
and every night. They will feel pride in this accomplishment. The lost
loved one will be remembered poignantly when you whisper I Love You to
the night sky.

Elisabeth loves spending the holidays with the ones she loves, baking
Christmas cookies, and is a regular contributor to firsttoknow.com

About the author: It’s great to have contributing authors @ family short stories! My vision for the website is to be as informative, interesting, and most of all, enjoyable for those who read and share their great stories! ~Best Regards, Mark