Chuck’s Backyard Shanty

Gone is the Chuck’s backyard shanty with the corncob on the a string.

Replaced by a newfangled bathroom, for the comfort and ease they bring.

No more frantic Midnight runs with the puckering string held tight,

For Chuck no longer trusts his speed on a cold and frosty night.

Now old Chuck has lots of time, no need now to rush it.

Just sit and dream as long as you like, but Chuck, don’t forget to flush it.

So farewell little old brown shanty, forsaken, – forgotten and lonely.

With the new sign over the door “To be used in emergency only”!


This is a poem written by Grandpa (Clyde) Wachtel for his brother-in-law, Charlie.

Obviously, Uncle Charlie got a new bathroom to replace the old out-house!


About the author: Welcome to Family Short Stories!   “Sharing the memories of our lifetime, our passions, our struggles, honoring those whom have made an impact on our lives”.