Family April Fools

calendar showing april firstEver have an April Fool’s trick played on you?   I have.   Years ago, when we were children, my brother enjoyed tricking us on April 1st.    One year he put green food coloring into the milk bottle.  Let me tell you, nobody wanted to drink it that April 1st.   I’m pretty sure Mother poured it down the drain!    One year he took everything out of the medicine cabinet in the bathroom.   Then he changed everything around, so when I went to get my toothbrush and toothpaste, they weren’t where I could find them!   But the trick we all remember was when he switched the salt and the sugar on the breakfast table.  Back then most cereals did not contain a lot of sugar.  So it was pretty common to sprinkle sugar on your cereal.   That morning my sister took a spoonful of “sugar” and dropped it on and took a bite.   Then she let out a howl!   “Yuck!”     That ruined the day for her and I was always on my guard for the next time that I might be made the April Fool!

About the author: Paula comes from a long line of artists, musicians and story-tellers. She shares poignant stories of growing up in a large, loving family, as well as raising her own quirky and memorable kids. She is an ASHA-certified and licensed speech language pathologist, with a passion for autism, and social skills therapy and English pronunciation. When she’s not avoiding injury from an occasional iPad thrown across the classroom, or providing support to students to fend off meltdowns, she can be found tutoring adults in an ESL program, where she developed, and teaches her English pronunciation curriculum. She posts helpful hints, ideas and materials on her blog