Misunderstandings & Groundhog Day

I remember one February 2nd, my son came home from preschool, eager to show me the little craft he made for groundhog day.   He handed me a paper cup with a Popsicle stick poking out the bottom.   Attached to the stick, inside the cup, was a paper groundhog he had colored brown with a crayon.   When you pushed up on the stick, the little groundhog popped out of his “hole”.    I thought it was adorable!   But my son, who always had a little difficulty processing what he heard, was looking at me with tears in his eyes!    He could hold it in no longer.    He looked up at me and cried “Why didn’t you tell me it was GRANDPA DAY!?!”


About the author: Paula comes from a long line of artists, musicians and story-tellers. She shares poignant stories of growing up in a large, loving family, as well as raising her own quirky and memorable kids. She is an ASHA-certified and licensed speech language pathologist, with a passion for autism, and social skills therapy and English pronunciation. When she’s not avoiding injury from an occasional iPad thrown across the classroom, or providing support to students to fend off meltdowns, she can be found tutoring adults in an ESL program, where she developed, and teaches her English pronunciation curriculum. She posts helpful hints, ideas and materials on her blog www.avspeechtherapy.com