What a Girl Would Do for Love (A Childhood Story)

When I was in grade school there was this boy who I had the biggest movie star crush on.  He was more than the cat’s meow and greater than David Cassidy to me then.  He had bright red hair, an amazing smile and when he sang it was so beautiful it made the angels cry.  I was geeky and awkward, a year younger and very underdeveloped.  I highly doubt he even noticed me.  I was just another girl in his class.  One day our 6th grade teacher gave my girlfriend & I permission to move the desks around in class any way we wanted.  Lucky me, I put his desk next to mine.  I was in undeclared crush heaven.  But how did I show my interest in this boy I saw nothing but school girl stars for?  I put my pencil on his chair point side up and stabbed him in the butt as he sat down.  As I tell this story I shake my head in mortification still to this day.  I remember how horrible I felt knowing I had hurt this boy I liked so much.  As fate would have it my parents moved me to a different school shortly after this happened and I never got to tell him how sorry I was for hurting him.  Thirty years later, we reconnected on facebook. I finally got to tell him I’m sorry.

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